Tasty, healthy food that just happens to be plant-based

The Jablonski

To cook for others is like giving them a hug with both arms. Almost every movement in the kitchen is infused with emotions and in mindfulness of the guest.

All that love, emotion and positive energy gets transformed into small edible packages.

Perhaps it's a bit like yoga for the tummy.


I started working in kitchens at the age of 13. That was more than 25 years ago. Since then I've worked internationally, in 5 star establishments, restaurants, heurigens, hotels, private care homes and catering companies. Additionally, I've also trained apprentices for their leaving certificate, held cooking classes with children and team-building events with adults.


For almost three years, I've been cooking plant-based food and I love it. At first it was challenging, but after much experimentation I can say that I don't miss any of the dairy or meat produce. In fact, I believe the food we produce is healthier, tastier and more environmentally friendly than anything I've cooked before.


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