Tasty, healthy food that just happens to be plant-based

The Jablonski

Isn’t he lovely, the Jablonski?

Picture editing can do wonders these days😊

However, he hasn’t always been that (almost) good-looking, but then again - he hasn’t always been vegan.







After 25 years kitchen experience, the last three were spent experimenting in plant-based alternatives. During this time, Jablonski’s Vegan Kitchen received its conception.

To cook solely with plants just makes sense.










The food is tastier, healthier and more environmentally friendly than ever imaginable.

Combined with passion and love to please the guest, one can taste the difference.



You can sample the food at one of the festivals that Jablonski's are at.









Or join the Jablonski at one of the cooking courses held throughout the year.


Benefit from:

  • Twelve years of teaching experience; including training apprentice chefs for their leaving certificate and team building activities

  • Experience from cooking at 4 and 5-star hotels, restaurants, ‘Heurigen’ restaurants, private care homes, catering companies and private schools






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