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Fleischtiger waren gestern

Servas Löwe mitm Gänseblümchen zwischn de Zähnd


Creating an alternative (plant-based) Food Culture for the Future 

We love good food; sharing and giving just happen to be part of that

leon heidinger

Leon Heidinger


The founder of Jablonski's was born in Scotland. At a young age, he was allergic to fish, eggs and some cheeses. A once meat-loving omnivore, he became vegan 6 years ago after repeatedly choking on meat.

After going "cold turkey":) he replaced traditional ingredients with plant-based alternatives. In abstaining, he was forced to learn about different ways of cooking and creating the same flavour without meat and dairy.

In 2018, after visiting a graveyard at Stirling Castle, the name Jablonski's was born. Whilst going for a stroll and contemplating death (as one does at a graveyard:)), we came across the grave of Mr. Leon Jablonski. And so the idea was born.

He would like to leave the planet behind in a healthier condition than he found it.

Through his love of cooking, sharing and providing, he would like to positively influence others in deciding to eat more plant-based meals and to regenerate the planet which we share.

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