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Fleischtiger waren gestern

Servas Löwe mitm Gänseblümchen zwischn de Zähnd


leon heidinger

Leon Heidinger



The founder of Jablonski's was born in Scotland and emigrated to Austria as a young adult.

As a juvenile, he was allergic to fish, eggs and some cheeses. 

A once meat-loving omnivore, he became vegan approximately six years ago.

After going "cold turkey":) and abstaining, he forced himself to learn about alternate ways of cooking and after some time experimenting, learned how to create the same flavour, texture and experience that he so dearly loved and missed.

In 2018, after visiting the graveyard at old Stirling Castle, the name Jablonski's was born.

Whilst going for a stroll and contemplating what one day too, will come to himself and everyone around him, he came across a grave with the name of Mr. Leon Jablonski. Given the namesake and the atmosphere at the old graveyard, he began to reflect on his own life:

Of the loves and the losses, the successes and the failures, the dreams that hadn't become and the hopes that never will be.

In this moment of contemplation, the sun shot through and in its light, an idea was born to create something so spectacular that nobody would ever believe that it was vegan.

Henceforth and since Veganmania 2019 at the Danube Island in Vienna, Jablonski's offers their much coveted "Grammelknödel" and "Tirolerknödel" with caramilised sauerkraut, gravy, pickled zucchini, roasted onions and sour berries (mostly cherries or redcurrents) doused in red wine.

Where our journey goes from here is very much up to you.

For our part, we would very much like to leave the planet behind in a better condition than that which we received it.


Yours dearly, Leon and Team

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