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Frequently Asked Questions

1 / Are your dumplings really vegan?

Yes, they really are. Leon experimented for a looong time to bring the current recipe to its perfection. It makes sure, that the outside of the dumpling is smooth but strong enough to keep its form, when prepared. The inside although is crispy and delicious a.f. The well dosed ingredients guarantee a very round umami taste. We are happy to show the world, that vegan doesn't mean boring and tasteless at all. 

2 / Can we buy your food anywhere else?

Sometimes we sell the meals directly from where they are produced. That happened before Christmas 2022 for example. These opportunities are exceptions and therefore very rare. If you don't want to miss anything, please check our Instagram for our latest news and offerings.

3 / What is the dumplings filling ("Grammeln") made of?

That's Leons well kept secret. We can only tell you, it includes soy, oatmeal, spices and a lot of love and passion.

4 / Are you providing glutenfree food as well?

Sadly, although we try to please everyone with our offerings, we are currently not able to produce a larger number of glutenfree dumplings as needed for the events. But we try our best, to find a solution here.

5 / Is the founders surname Jablonski?

No it's not, although many believe, it is so. Founder and CEO of Jablonski's is Leon Heidinger. But the story of how we decided to name our company Jablonski's, is quite an interesting one. 

6 / What's the logo to do with vegan?

The decision to choose a lion chewing on a daisy is to show that vegan doesn't necessarily mean green leaves and pastel colours. It doesn't mean to be death serious all the time as well. We like to break with traditions and include a lot of fun. Additionally, we think, the lion looks quite a bit like Leon. ^^

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