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Meet the Jablonski


Leon Heidinger

Leon's journey began in various restaurants across Scotland and Austria, where he honed his skills as a chef for years. Since 2019, he has been enchanting taste buds as a caterer at vegan events and showcasing his culinary prowess through cooking shows. Additionally, Leon lends his expertise to private catering, bringing the magic of vegan cuisine directly to your table.

Furthermore to his culinary expertise, Leon has also played a role as a native English teacher and assisted apprentices in preparing for their final leaving exams.

His vegan dumplings aren't just a meal; they're a flavorful fusion that challenges the notion of plant-based cuisine. With a mischievous grin, he proudly declares, "I wanted veggies to take the center stage." Jablonskis isn't just a brand; it's a movement led by Leon, the Dumpling Maestro, and Veggie Virtuoso. So, when you indulge in those delicious dumplings, raise a fork to the man who's making vegan cuisine irresistibly cool and utterly delightful!

We're hiring

If you're passionate about plant-based cuisine, we have opportunities for you. Join our dynamic sales team, interact with customers, and share our delightful Vegan Grammelknödeln at events. Or, become part of our talented production team, crafting mouthwatering vegan dishes and perfecting our signature dumplings. Explore our openings and be part of our flavorful journey!

Please send your application form to

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