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Welcome to Jablonski's

Nourishing Souls Since 2019

Welcome to Jablonski's, your gateway to indulging in the heart of the vegan culinary scene. Since 2019, we've been a vibrant presence at renowned vegan events such as the Veganmania in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Innsbruck. Beyond that, we have also won the hearts of our customers at the Veggie Planet and many other large events.


Our star attraction, the Vegan `Grammelknödeln`, combines tradition with innovation and our reputation precedes us. In addition to our mouthwatering dumplings, we offer a delightful array of soft drinks, beer, wine, and treats such as our Viennese `Schnitzelsemmel` and `Vleischlaberlsemmel`.


We're always open to satisfying your culinary desires, ensuring that your experience with us is a delightful journey of flavours and diversity. Join us in celebrating the rich world of vegan cuisine at Jablonski's.

Rave Reviews for Jablonski's Vegan Dumplings

What Our Customers Say About Our Delectable Creations

Discover the culinary magic of Jablonski's vegan dumplings through the glowing reviews of our satisfied customers, all captured directly from the heart of our Instagram community.


But don't just take our word for it – let their experiences convince you!

"Für muss ich unbedingt wiederkommen 😋"


The Dumpling Revolution

Why it matters: Elevate Your Culinary Experience

Experience the best vegan dumplings in Austria at Jablonski's. Our CEO, Leon Heidinger, brings a taste of tradition with a modern twist to every dumpling, featuring a delicious greaves filling and a crunchy core. Join the Dumpling Revolution and saviour the essence of Austrian cuisine with a cruelty-free, eco-friendly touch.

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