Sunday 15th November 2020

Martinigansl mit Erdapfelknödel, Rotkraut, Maroni, Zwetschken und Bratensaft

15 Euros pro Portion

Please order by Friday 13.11.2020 @ 6pm

Served in compostable take-away containers or Rex-Gläser with 4 euro deposit (per glass).

All ingredients are plant-based. Any likeness in name to meat or dairy products is for comprehension purposes only. Please ask for specific allergy info

Catering MEnu ideas 

November Plain Fare Soul Food



  • Pumpkin soup with rye bread croutons

  • Roasted carrot soup with caramelised walnuts

  • Clear vegetable broth with either „Fritatten“, Mini-strudel oder „Käseschöberl”

  • Mixed salad (salad leaves, roasted cashews, sun-dried tomatoes, bacon, pickled zucchini, lemon, radish, hummus, balsamic dressing, burnt pepper)

  • Canapes with carrot-lox, liptauer, pea guacamole or “Erdapfelkäs”


Main Courses


  • “Grammelknödel” with gravy, sauerkraut, picked zucchini, blackcurrants and fried onions

  • Caramlised cabbage and bacon strudel with green salad and mayonnaise

  • “Martini Gansl” with dumplings, red cabbage, sweet chestnut and gravy

  • Spiced stuffed pumpkin with fennel, rice, plums, apple and almonds

  • Sweet chestnut gnocchi with wild mushroom velouté

  • Slow-roasted cauliflower with roasted breadcrumbs, hazelnuts and cheddar cheese sauce

  • Potato goulash with Bohemian dumplings or alternative chosen accompaniment




  • Fig tart with cinnamon and ginger sauce

  • Sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce

  • Apple and hazelnut crumble with vanilla sauce

  • “Germknödel” with almonds and poppy seeds

  • “Buchteln” filled with plums and served with coconut yoghurt

  • Chocolate zucchini-balsamic cake with fudge cream

  • Roasted walnut and spiced carrot cake with lemon scented cottage cheese topping

allergy info.

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